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Aventra Travels | Greatest journey of Sri Lanka

Welcome to Sri Lanka with Aventra Travels

“ I am wrapped in a strange enchantment ,caught in an island spell ”
The lines of “ Wendy Watmore” thus echo the splendid beauty of Sri Lanka, ….yes! an exact replica of paradise the island is!

Sri Lanka is in the tropics where many colorful facades of nature are omnipresent. An ideal destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers; soaked in rustic beauty , the country evokes finer feelings for nature, helping to escape from the monotonous mechanized world.





Fostering an atmosphere to focus on the amazing wonder lying ahead with a relaxed feeling is possible by appealing accommodation.


Inviting you to the areas of Sri Lanka hitherto unexplored to leave you with deeper insight and more well rounded unforgettable experience.


Travelling by unique mode of transport and getting the right Chauffer is a vital need to penetrate deep into the soul of the country.


As an ideal environment to hold international conferences and other meetings, the island has become a perfect destination for MICE events.


Medicinal Plant Gardens in Sri Lanka

Historical evidences do reveal that 60000 years ago Aborigine people who lived in Australia, and 30000 years ago the Balangoda ..

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Big cats in Sri Lanka

A leopard's fur is short and coarse in annuals from the Dry Zone but can be a bit longer in highland dweller. This kind of climate-related adaptation is seen in all ..

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