Ceylon Tea

Renowned the world over for its excellent quality, Ceylon Tea comes in an enticing variety of blends. Specialist tea centers such as Tea Research Institute in Talawakelle and Bogawantalawa Tea Estates in Dickoya, ensure the authenticity and delicious flavor Ceylon Tea is known for.

Herbal & Spices

Being the world’s second largest cinnamon exporter, Sri Lanka grows many herbals and spices in its South Coast. These can be easily purchased from plantations located in Koggala and Mirissa. Spices such as saffron, chili powder and cinnamon can be purchased from local grocery stores.


The rich heritage of Sri Lanka is reflected in its stunning jewellery. Be it modern accessories or vintage pieces, a diverse array of jewellery can be found in across the island. Those with a penchant for exotic designs will be pleased with what they find.


The world renowned precious and semi-precious gem stones of Sri Lanka include stunning Blue Sapphires, Alexandrites, Cat’s Eyes, Red Rubies, Garnets, Tourmalines and much more. It is the town of Ratnapura that has long been a treasure trove of these magical gems in Sri Lanka.


“Ayurveda" a traditional form of healing believed to have originated in India over 5000 years ago and is known to be the oldest healing Science in the world. Being a country with a rich heritage, Sri Lanka has its own indigenous medicine system.

Live like Local

Aventra Travels arranged a special tour, will give a memorable chance for the travelers to live in a typical village community, in chalets which provide comfortable accommodation. The heart of the experience is to interact and integrate as far as possible with the local community.

Bulock Cart Ride

Bullock cart (Double Ox Cart) which will transport through the next phase of the adventure. The journey continues through dense shrub forests, lake sides, Paddy lands and other home to many forest birds and other wildlife including monkeys, bear, python and even elephants.


Dambana is a remote jungle village of indigenous people renowned for its eco tourism prospects, situated about 300km from Colombo, is renowned for its unique culture and age old traditions. Some of them remain determined to preserve their lifestyle and traditions for future generations.


Exploring Sri Lanka's ancient caves is an unforgettable experience that can be compared to none. The country's ancient caves date as far back as the Stone Ages to when the first signs of human life are believed to have been discovered in the country.

Jet Ski

Mount your water-stallion and speed across the Bentota Lagoon’s calm waters with the wind in your hair and no-one at your heels! Jet skiing is the speed junkies dream….an exhilarating ride on your jet ski will make you feel like a Champion of the Water!