With abundant natural beauty, Sri Lanka offers plenty for the leisure traveler. With sanctuaries and natural parks, an exceptional variety of migratory and endemic wildlife as well as stunning landscapes, the destination is ideal for camping; it is a paradise for the wildlife enthusiast.


With its extensive coast-line and numerous reservoirs and lakes, Sri Lanka is an excellent place to cast your line and participate in the exciting sport of inland and deep sea fishing. Hikkaduwa and Kirinda are both excellent coastal fishing sites in Sri Lanka.


Aventra Travels is prepared to offer an exceptional cycling experience across enchanting valleys, mountains, ancient cities, rainforests, remote villages and beaches in Sri Lanka. With a good understanding of the wilderness of Sri Lanka we offer many cycling tours with some professional cycling tour guides.

Kayaking & Canoeing

With charming rivers, lagoons and interconnected old canals, Sri Lanka offers numerous opportunities for canoeing and kayaking. One can embark on a canoeing excursion along the famous Kalu River, which flows from the heart of the country to Kalutara where it meets the Indian Ocean.

Boat Safari

Enjoy boat safaris at the scenic Bentota lagoon or Koggala Lagoon, to catch a glimpse of the mesmerizing natural splendor of these sites, offering a unique perspective of the natural attractions of Sri Lanka. Maadu River which takes you past mangrove covered river banks.

Elephant Ride

Sri Lanka has a long history with the Asian Elephant. Elephant Rides are fun and offer a perspective of the surrounding country side few seldom get to see riding on the back of an animal. Popular Elephant Safari locales include Habarana, Sigiriya and Mineriya.


Golf is one of the most enjoyable outdoor sporting activities that one could pursue. There's no better sport that will clear your head with physical activity for long hours spent in the fresh open air. Explore some of the best golfing spots in Sri Lanka!


A favorite pastime of many, photography provides an excellent way to capture some of life's most beautiful and most special moments. Pick up a camera and begin your journey as a photographer as you observe the world from a whole new different viewpoint.

Helicopter Ride

A helicopter ride over the enchanting landscape of Sri Lanka offers an exceptional perspective of its many attractions. This allows you to reach any destination in the island in less than an hour. A very cost-effective way of traveling among various locations without any hassle.

Sea Plane

Letting you experience the island’s length and breadth, sea plane rides are suitable for small families and solo travelers. These highly comfortable sea planes offer glimpses of various local lakes and waterways. The scenic flight in Colombo gives you a unforgettable tour in Colombo City.