Bird Watching

Bird watching can be done in many parts of the Sri Lanka. With more than 56 indigenous species of bird, some found in rainforests and hill country while others are seen by rivers. The island is home to many bird sanctuaries including Kumana and Bundala.

Turtle Watching

One of the most fascinating attractions in Sri Lanka, turtle watching can be done in down south in the island. One can approach these creatures only when they are laying eggs and observers have to wait patiently since the turtles’ timing is unpredictable.

Elephant Watching

Sri Lankan elephants are one of the most significant attractions to witness. This can be done by taking a wildlife safari in the Udwalawe National Park which guarantees such elephant sightings. Another must visit place is Minneriya National Park where renowned elephant gathering takes place.

Romantic Escape

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Wonders of Nature

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Rail Tour

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Nature’s Thrill

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Animal’s Paradise

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