An Epic of Culture & Heritage! As a bounty in culture and breath of tradition ,Sri Lanka is the home for the eight world heritage sites, revealing the island’s rich history and civilization. The link of the ancient capitals Anuradapura, Polannaruwa and Kandy forms the [...]


ECO TOURS “A land of great contrast but so tiny in its size”. Yes, an excellent tourism destination Sri Lanka is with its topographical, biological, ecological and cultural diversity. Sinharaja Forest Reserve, knuckles mountain range, The national parks of Yala, Udawalawa, Bundala, Horton Plains, Minneriya, [...]


TALES AWAITING SPECIAL TOURS Travelling is our passion as yours! Our genuine wish is to create wonderful travel itineraries for our clients. We achieve real fulfillment in creating special tours for individual or group travel. Are you in need of Medical treatment or authentic Ayurveda [...]


AN INCREDIBLE HONEYMOON The magical setting of Sri Lanka with its many variations of culture, stunning scenery, conducive climate , Luxurious hotels ,secluded bungalows has become one of the world’s most popular destinations to get wedded and enjoy a honeymoon. Worldwide acknowledged authentic Sri Lankan [...]


The Hill Country – Tranquil & Beautiful ! Soaked in nature’s abundance , the hill country that rises to over 2500 meters in the island’s central heartland, unveils her charming beauty through her mist shrouded mountains, green carpeted tea plantations, cascading waterfalls, quaint hilltop hamlets [...]


FANTASTIC FAMILY HOLIDAY Sri Lanka, with nature in abundant, fascinating scenery, unique ecosystems, rich wild life, thrilling adventure and sports, vibrant culture, broad based shop opportunities is an ideal spot for family tour. A comfortable family tour is possible only with us as we provide [...]


HOP OVER TO ADVENTURE & SPORTS ! Abreast in introducing the latest adventures with all safety requirements, the island is popular for water sports including Surfing, Water skiing, Sailing, Speed boating, Deep sea fishing, Diving and snorkeling while Trekking, Caving, Mountain biking and Elephant ride [...]


WILD LIFE & NATURE BEHIND THE SCENES ! A naturalist’s paradise Sri Lanka of course is! A small but verdant tropical island dense with a great diversity of mammals, birds, insects and plants, many of which are endemic to the enchanting island. “one of Asia’s [...]


EPITOME OF A PARADISE BEACH Sri Lanka ,encircled by beautiful white sandy beaches, stretching far and beyond ,has the average climate which is a divine bestowed boon on her, that enables you to enjoy her warmth to the extreme. On the west Negombo, Mt.Lavinia , [...]