An Epic of Culture & Heritage!

As a bounty in culture and breath of tradition ,Sri Lanka is the home for the eight world heritage sites, revealing the island’s rich history and civilization. The link of the ancient capitals Anuradapura, Polannaruwa and Kandy forms the Cultural Triangle. The visitors can constantly hear the mesmerizing murmur of religious invocations, evoking their supreme emotions and bringing the bricks and rocks to life.

Through the heritage sites , visitors can learn the historical episodes of the country’s past – the complex palace conspiracies, the continuous invasions and conquests and the capitulation to the European colonial powers.

The sacred city of Anuradapura, the ruins of medieval capital of Polannaruwa, the fortress Sigiriya, the royal city of Kandy, the Dutch fort of Galle, the ecological treasure trove Sinharaja forest – all speak volumes about the island’s incandescent past!

Even a brief visit to Sri Lanka, enables you to visit several of these wonders. Experiencing her excellent heritage takes you on a historical and a mysterious journey inspiring your inner being!

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on Dec 21, 2016