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Explore the Hill Country


The Hill Country – Tranquil & Beautiful !

Soaked in nature’s abundance , the hill country that rises to over 2500 meters in the island’s central heartland, unveils her charming beauty through her mist shrouded mountains, green carpeted tea plantations, cascading waterfalls, quaint hilltop hamlets , gigantic gaps …etc. Only 4 hours from hot, humid Colombo ,this elegant region offers you the chance to escape into a world that rarely seems to exist in the tropics. With diverse geographical landscapes , cool climate and fragrant spice gardens the hill country is a haven for nature lovers ,hikers , adventure seekers and those craving peace and tranquility. Babbling brooks and gurgling streams speed through the landscape vying with each other to merge with the serene river. Behold the breath taking beauty of the hill country and plunge your self into the greatest pleasure on this planet.

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on Dec 16, 2016