Sri Lanka , a wonder on earth finds its existence in the southern coastal tip of India.Taprobane, Serendib , Ceylon so she was called in the days of yore for her unsurpassing charm and heavenly beauty. Being bounty in culture , it is a haven for many religions and festivals adding a beautiful combination of colors to this tiny island.

Adorn with the golden beaches ,the coastal belt lined with coconut groves, the deep blue sea, her roaring waves , the tranquil sky, the pleasant summer sun ,soft murmuring sea shells, the whispering wind…providing the utmost relaxation one seeks; the delicate nuances of colors of the corals and the unique world of enormous whales and dolphins enchanting an admirer to the extreme….

The fertile rice fields , the virgin rain forests, green bushes , lapping lake water…reminding of a real “Dream Land “ !

The panoramic view of lofty mountains towering the clouds, cascading waterfalls flowing through the valleys and merging with serene rivers , gurgling streams, wide plateaus ,valleys, huge tea terraces of the hill country with her salubrious climate… The added beauty of the lush greenery of the wet zone around portraying various facets of nature!

A peculiar pastoral beauty lying ahead in her rich amalgam of fauna and flora.15 National parks…showcasing spectacular wildlife! Majestic elephants , leaping leopards and the jewels of Lankan sky !Yes ,the endemic birds…with the constant echo of their high pitched sound in search of insects…

Revealing the secret of the “ Power of Nature “ is the holistic herbal healing special to the island. The exotic spices , pepper, ginger, cinnamon… and of course the world’s finest tea.. murmuring below their breath, the marvel of Lanka !

The scintillating Ceylon blue Sapphire, Rubies and Emeralds peculiar to the island, enhancing her mighty beauty…

The cultural triangles Anuradhapura,Polonnaruwa and Kandy speaking volumes of the rich cultural and traditional past of yester years of Sri Lanka.The 8 UNESCO world heritage sites providing a unique identity to the isle…and too are the destinations where mythology and history mingle! The rock carvings, the moonstone, figurines and weather eroded inscriptions of Sigiriya the fort of king kashyappa, and the ruins of magnificent structures, huge water tanks… whispering in their quite existence stories of their glorious past… outstanding examples of exquisite work done by the craftsmen !

And mountaineering , hiking , trekking, Surfing at Arugambay the “ Surfing capital of the world” …as adventurous activities thrilling one and helping to get away from boredom..!

More than all, the ever touching hospitality of friendly, down to earth, unsophisticated Lankans ready to usher a warm welcome with their authentic native cuisine, tempting your taste buds ! Lanka lulls you into a sense of oneness with herself as you walk on her gorgeous ground, reminding of the legendary 13th century explorer , Marcopolo’s revelation “this is the island to visit in a lifetime” for it is “ The finest island of its size in the world ” !!!

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“Welcome to the wonder on earth”